Keeping the fun in sportswriting

I just finished reading a very interesting story on different ways to make sports writing “fun” again. The story was basically about how these two sports columnists made a bet on whether or not wide-receiver Terrell Owens would be cut by the Cowboys. When he did indeed get cut the next day, the columnist who lost the bet had to dress up like a pregnant girl. Apparently it was quite the sight to see.

So, what does this story have to do with becoming a better sports writer? It’s simple. Like these guys did, you should try to have more fun with it. In journalism, you do not always have to talk about the facts like some boring math teacher. Adding some creativity is what can make more people go to your article or blog on the internet. There is nothing worse than a boring sports game recap that provides little or no detail. Of course, there is more leeway in blogs, but that is not to say that columns cannot show off a writer’s personality. As long as you have a nice balance with facts and opinion, it should work. And remember: AVOID THE SPORTS CLICHES. (I’ll talk about that next week.)


One Response to “Keeping the fun in sportswriting”

  1. rhiannon86 Says:

    I agree, it’s important to keep things interesting with sports blogging. So often writers report the scores and stats, which a lot of the time, we already know. I think you gain more of an audience when you make your blog personal. The T.O. bet is a cool way of shaking things up. With all the talking heads out there, audiences want something new, especially the female audiences. Nice post.

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